Steve Hilbert

For more than 20 years I have been working as a social pedagogue in various fields of activity. As an experienced former head of a school class for potential dropouts, I used digital games for several years to promote the search for identity. Games game me easy access to the young people, so that I could offer pedagogical support to potential dropouts. Digital games enabled the young people to deal with sensitive issues of a game in relation to their own identity. I Aam currently working as a policy maker at the Resource Centre for non-formal Education of Luxembourg secondary schools.

In search of identity through the game “Gris”

FROG 2020 – Short Talk

Searching the own identity trough the game Gris? Gris is a stylish game that deals with the topic of depression. During the gameplay the avatar develops with great care. His healing process until the pain is accepted is the main part of the game. How can the game scenario of Gris contribute to the individual search for identity? In identity crises we must be aware of the many forms of identity crises, as social crises, individual crises and individual crises of meaning. Differences between public and social identity imply a different view of perspectives, whether personal or public. Social interaction is essential in the search for identity. The ability to perceive and understand one’s own inner being and emotions enables system-oriented processes to be created within a peer group. Emotions, changes and (personal) contact are essential for identity, as they have a common/influencing effect on each of them. The prerequisite for this is the ability to change perspectives. This ability is acquired through cognition, which must be supported by the public community in order for people to benefit from this development. Accordingly, the educational aspect and equal access to education represent the conclusion of the search for identity.


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