Anderson Mccutcheons

Anderson is Co-Founder of Synereo, a company developing blockchain-enabled attention economy solutions. Before turning to entrepreneurship, Anderson has managed digital marketing for the world’s largest gambling companies and programmed thermo-chemical control systems.

Monetize the Weak – Breaking the Algorithmic Echo-Chamber

Dinner talk, FROG main conference | Friday, 13th October

Today’s content distribution and consumption systems are perpetually optimised via machine learning, designed to ensure user retention and drive engagement metrics. A plethora of psychological hooks that increase the user’s dependency on the application, which translates into revenue for advertisers and the platform, who leverage the behavioral data to drive revenue. The true, native, users of the systems are content creators and the users. These are the organic parts of the system that truly care about each other.However, in today’s attention economy, the biggest beneficiaries remain the platform and the advertisers that inject their content onto it.Decentralization and the introduction direct User<->Creator platforms and new monetisation models are aiming to disrupt this status quo. Synereo’s Crytocurrency AMP and especially the brand-new plattform is a new way of how gamified Blockchain-based Application can transfer users to curators, creates a flow-like thrill while exploring new content and pays the content creators and the curators in a fair manner.