FROG – Future and Reality of Gaming

Thanks to everyone who attended the FROG 2020 conference!
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FROG – Future and Reality of Gaming 2020

14th Vienna Games Conference
Online, the Internet
Saturday, 21st November & Sunday, 22nd November 2020

The international conference brings together scholars, players, students, game designers, game developers, educators and experts from various disciplines to discuss the Future and Reality of Gaming. Due to the current Covid-19 situation and the cancellation of “GAME CITY Vienna”, the FROG will take place in the virtual space (online via Zoom).

This year’s FROG is will specifically address the following key challenges facing our society:

  • Game, Play and Identity (Importance and challenges of games and play for the LGBT community / Gender and diversity related question on games and play / identification and identity transfer | etc.)
  • Game and Play in Times of a Crisis (What impact do crises have on players? What does this mean for the Triple-A Industry? How do Indy developers deal with crises? | etc.)
  • Game! Crime? (Fraud with microtransactions / illegal sale of in-game items / cyber-grooming via games / sexting within game chats / youth protection |etc.)
  • Game, Play and Politics (Representation of history in games / conveying political messages through games / influence by politics on the games industry |etc.)

Hashtag for the conference: #FROG2020

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FROG 2020 | Keynotes

Agata Waszkiewicz
Maria Curie-Skłodowska University
Playing with Identities in Metareferential Video Games
Sonja Gabriel
KPH Vienna/Krems
Hate Speech in Digital Games – Are Online Games a Place of Discrimination and Exclusion?
Doris Rusch
Uppsala University
Games of the Soul
Andrew Phelps
University of Canterbury
Games of the Soul
Eugen Pfister
Hochschule der KĂĽnste Bern HKB
The Austrian games industry and the free market economy 1991-2006. A political history of ideas.

FROG 2020 Chairs

Center for Applied Game Studies, Danube University Krems:

  • Natalie Denk
  • Nikolaus König
  • Thomas Wernbacher
  • Simon Wimmer
  • Alexander Pfeiffer (+ the MIT Education Arcade)
  • Herbert Rosenstingl (Bundesministerium fĂĽr Arbeit, Familie und Jugend)
  • Scot Osterweil (the MIT Education Arcade)
  • Alesha Serada (University of Vaasa)
  • Tanja Sihvonen (University of Vaasa)
  • Sonja Gabriel (KPH Wien/Krems)
  • Thomas Gabriel RĂĽdiger (Hochschule der Polizei des Landes Brandenburg)
  • Katharina Mittlböck (University of Innsbruck)
  • Stephen Bezzina (Ministry of Education Malta)
  • Alexiei Dingli (University of Malta)
  • Mark Bugeja (University of Malta)
  • Michael Wagner (Drexel University)
  • Konstantin Mitgutsch (Playful Solutions)
  • Wilfried Elmenreich (University of Klagenfurt)
  • AndrĂ© Thomas (LIVE Lab at Texas A&M University)
  • Fares Kayali (University of Vienna)
  • Simone Kriglstein (University of Vienna / AIT Austrian Institute of Technology)

FROG Partners

Sektion VI – Familie und Jugend
Untere DonaustraĂźe 13-15
1020 Wien

Zentrum fĂĽr Angewandte Spieleforschung
Donau-Universität Krems
Dr. Karl Dorrek StraĂźe 30
3500 Krems