FROG 2020

FROG – Future and Reality of Gaming 2020

14th Vienna Games Conference
Online, the Internet
Saturday, 21st November & Sunday, 22nd November 2020

The international conference brings together scholars, players, students, game designers, game developers, educators and experts from various disciplines to discuss the Future and Reality of Gaming. Due to the current Covid-19 situation and the cancellation of “GAME CITY Vienna”, the FROG will take place in the virtual space (online via Zoom).

This year’s FROG is will specifically address the following key challenges facing our society:

  • Game, Play and Identity (Importance and challenges of games and play for the LGBT community / Gender and diversity related question on games and play / identification and identity transfer | etc.)
  • Game and Play in Times of a Crisis (What impact do crises have on players? What does this mean for the Triple-A Industry? How do Indy developers deal with crises? | etc.)
  • Game! Crime? (Fraud with microtransactions / illegal sale of in-game items / cyber-grooming via games / sexting within game chats / youth protection |etc.)
  • Game, Play and Politics (Representation of history in games / conveying political messages through games / influence by politics on the games industry |etc.)

Hashtag for the conference: #FROG2020

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FROG 2020 | Keynotes

Agata Waszkiewicz
Maria Curie-Skłodowska University
Playing with Identities in Metareferential Video Games
Sonja Gabriel
KPH Vienna/Krems
Hate Speech in Digital Games – Are Online Games a Place of Discrimination and Exclusion?
Doris Rusch
Uppsala University
Games of the Soul
Andrew Phelps
University of Canterbury
Games of the Soul
Eugen Pfister
Hochschule der Künste Bern HKB
The Austrian games industry and the free market economy 1991-2006. A political history of ideas.

FROG 2020 | Programme

Watch the recordings of all FROG 2020 talks on our YouTube playlist!

Saturday, 21 November 2020

13:45Login to Zoom
13:55Christine AschbacherFederal Minister for Labor, Family and YouthFROG Opening |
Video message (German with English subtitles)
14:00Natalie Denk, Alexander Pfeiffer, Herbert RosenstinglDanube University Krems / MIT Education Arcade / Federal Ministry of Labour, Family and YouthWelcome FROG | Day 1
Agata Waszkiewicz
Maria Curie-Skłodowska UniversityPlaying with Identities in Metareferential Video Games
14:50Ricarda GötzCity of ViennaEmpathy and Inclusivity in Games. The Proteus effect
15:10Jori LinnamäkiTampere University, Uppsala UniversityAn approach to board game design that centres allyship and empowers trans people
15:30Steve HilbertMinistry of National Education, Childhood and Youth LuxembourgIn search of identity through the game "Gris"
15:50/// BREAK ///
16:00Scot OsterweilMIT Education ArcadeThe world reborn: reimagining player identity.
16:20Samuel Poirier-PoulinTampere UniversitySexual Humour, Virtual Romance, and Queer Space in Coming Out on Top
16:40Paula GludovatzDanube University KremsGirls' Gaming
17:00Rudolf InderstHochschule Fresenius „Here comes a new challenger” Will Video Game Essays be the New Champion of Game Critic?
17:20Josephine BairdUppsala UniversityThe Mechanics and Misdirection of The Missing: Trans exploration, expression and embodiment in videogame-based-learning
17:40Tanja Sihvonen,Sabine Harrer & Mona KhattabUniversity of VaasaNarrative Transformations and Cultural Appropriation. Placemaking in Assassin’s Creed: Origins Discovery Tour Mode
18:00/// BREAK ///
Sonja Gabriel
KPH Vienna/KremsHate Speech in Digital Games – Are Online Games a Place of Discrimination and Exclusion?
18:50Bastian KruppDanube University KremsOn the connection between the development of emotional intelligence and gaming
19:10Jeremiah DiephuisUniversity of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, Hagenberg CampusSerious Detours: A Critical Reflection on Developing Games for Education
19:30/// BREAK ///
19:40Thomas Gabriel RüdigerHochschule der Polizei des Landes BrandenburgThe risk of Cybergrooming in Onlinegames
20:00Alexiei DingliUniversity of MaltaLil gangsta - kids playing criminals
20:20Daniela HauSCRIPT LuxembourgDigital games@school... does it really work?
20:40Clayton BartoloGovernment of MaltaThe Maltese Gaming Landscape
20:45Lukas PraderDanube University KremsThe success of Clash of Clans
20:50Frank PourvoyeurDanube University KremsMeaningful coincidences in games with synchronicity
20:55Erwin CetlSt. Pölten University of Applied SciencesDevelopment of the gamification application PENguin used by children to perform graphomotor movements with the STABILO® ErgoPen
21:00Yvonne ScheerESVÖ (Austrian Esports Federation)Empowering girls and women in Esports and Gaming
21:05Natalie DenkDanube University KremsEsports and related phenomena of today's gaming culture - opportunity, challenge and necessity for educational work
21:15Socializing & Exchange: FROG ONLINE LOUNGES remain open until 22:00.

Sunday, 22 November 2020

13:45Login to Zoom
14:00Welcome FROG | Day 2
Eugen Pfister
Hochschule der Künste Bern HKBThe Austrian games industry and the free market economy 1991-2006. A political history of ideas.
14:50Pascal WagnerGoethe-InstitutBecoming their target: Anti-fascist gaming network "Keinen Pixel den Faschisten" and its right-wing backlash
15:10Alesha SeradaUniversity of VaasaWin the Game by Not Paying: False Consciousness in Free-to-Play Games
15:30Harald KobergUni Graz, Ludovico, Land SteiermarkOwning the Stats – Gaming and Neoliberal Subjectivity
15:50/// BREAK ///
16:00Tobias UnterhuberUniversity of InnsbruckThe loss and restriction of ludic and political agency in games
16:20Hossein MohammadzadeUniversity of GuilanResource Wars: From Gameworlds to Physical Reality
16:40Wilfried Elmenreich and Martin GabrielAlpen-Adria-Universität KlagenfurtGlobal History, Facts and Fiction in Early Computer Games: Hanse, Seven Cities of Gold, Sid Meier's Pirates!
17:00Benjamin KirchengastDanube University Krems, University of Vienna„That’s not how it was!“: Through the Darkest of Times in the context of a culture war.
17:20Josey MeyerTexas A&M University Reamifton North - a game about the United States Postal Service
17:40/// BREAK ///
Doris Rusch & Andrew Phelps
Uppsala University / University of CanterburyGames of the Soul
18:30Michael FleischhackerBildungsdirektion Wien, Danube University KremsMinecraft in the Covid 19 crisis connects
18:50Mario StallerUniversity of Applied Sciences for Police and Administration, North Rhine WestphaliaIs there more? - On the (non-)definition of gamified teaching
19:10Swen KörnerGerman Sport University Colognetrain2fight the virus - possibilities of university online teaching in sports
19:30/// BREAK ///
19:40Mathias LuxAlpen-Adria-Universität KlagenfurtAnalyzing Usage Patterns in Online Games
20:00Michael WagnerDrexel UniversityThe Inverted Gaming Degree Program – The Future of On-Campus Game Design Education in the Era of Social Distancing
20:20Michael FleischhackerBildungsdirektion WienBuilding a cross-school media lab based on playful learning principles for children and young people in the midst of the Covid-19 situation. A field report.
20:25Simon WimmerDanube University Krems(Online-) SNEAK GAMING a low-threshold opportunity for players and devs in times of COVID19
20:30Constantin KrausDundeesRide2Park
20:35Thomas WernbacherDanube University KremsCycle4Value
20:40Alexander PfeifferThe MIT Education Arcade, Danube University KremsLife as a magic circle. A reflection with special consideration of our situation during the Covid-19 crisis.
20:55Closing of the Conference

Socializing & Exchange: FROG ONLINE LOUNGES remain open.

FROG of Abstracts 2020

FROG 2020 | Chairs

Center for Applied Game Studies, Danube University Krems:

  • Natalie Denk
  • Nikolaus König
  • Thomas Wernbacher
  • Simon Wimmer
  • Alexander Pfeiffer (+ the MIT Education Arcade)
  • Herbert Rosenstingl (Bundesministerium für Arbeit, Familie und Jugend)
  • Scot Osterweil (the MIT Education Arcade)
  • Alesha Serada (University of Vaasa)
  • Tanja Sihvonen (University of Vaasa)
  • Sonja Gabriel (KPH Wien/Krems)
  • Thomas Gabriel Rüdiger (Hochschule der Polizei des Landes Brandenburg)
  • Katharina Mittlböck (University of Innsbruck)
  • Stephen Bezzina (Ministry of Education Malta)
  • Alexiei Dingli (University of Malta)
  • Mark Bugeja (University of Malta)
  • Michael Wagner (Drexel University)
  • Konstantin Mitgutsch (Playful Solutions)
  • Wilfried Elmenreich (University of Klagenfurt)
  • André Thomas (LIVE Lab at Texas A&M University)
  • Fares Kayali (University of Vienna)
  • Simone Kriglstein (University of Vienna / AIT Austrian Institute of Technology)

FROG 2020 | Partners

Sektion VI – Familie und Jugend
Untere Donaustraße 13-15
1020 Wien

Zentrum für Angewandte Spieleforschung
Donau-Universität Krems
Dr. Karl Dorrek Straße 30
3500 Krems