Sven Lagger

  • Born 21/10/1998
  • Graduated from Gymnasium Schillerstraße Feldkirch
  • Basic knowledge acquired through elective subject Computer Science at school
  • Passionate Computer Gamer
  • Believes in Game Based Learning (experiences made with JavaFX, Greenfoot and Unity)
  • Interested in further studies in the field of Computer Science (especially in the subfield of Game Development/Design).

Gymnasium Schillerstraße Feldkirch

2D Game Development with the professional Game Engine Unity – An Example of Game Based Learning

VWA presentation, FROG main conference | Sunday, 15th October, 14:45 – 15:00

This VWA in the field of computer science is dedicated to the development of the 2D jump and run game “Fency Jumper”. Additionally, the fact that the game was developed cost-effective and cross-platform represents an essential point. The development of the game was exclusively done using the game engine Unity with C# as the programming language. Apart from closer descriptions regarding the code, there are also theoretical fundamentals included, specially explanations of terms such as “computer game”, “game engine” and “programming language”. In conclusion, an outlook on the possible future development of the game is given.

Richard Fojkar

Graduate from the GRG3 Radetzkygymnasium with Matura. As of 10.7. 2017 Conscript. Mag. Elisabeth Krones: Teacher at the GRG3 Radetzkygymnasium and Supervisor of the Pre-scientific Paper.

GRG3 Radetzkystraße

Texas Hold’em Poker: Skill and Luck

VWA presentation, FROG main conference | Sunday, 15th October, 12:00 – 12:15

In this paper I dive into the Mechanics of Texas Hold’em Poker. I will approach the Game form a practical and not purely mathematical perspective.Although Poker is not truly based on luck it does not rely on direct Skill (like Chess) either but rather on a statistical phenomenon making the “What is a good or bad Decision?” Question al lot more complicated. I attempt to find out how skillbased Poker really is.

Monika Gorczyca

  • Name: Monika Gorczyca
  • Born: 15.11.1998
  • Languages: German, Polish, English
  • Computer skills: Unity, GIMP, Microsoft Office
  • Experience: Internship at the university of Vienna
  • Hobbies: Playing Games, Digital photography

BORG 20 – Brigittenauer Gymnasium, Karajangasse

Brain-Computer-Interface Games for ADHD children

VWA presentation, FROG main conference | Saturday, 14th October, 14:45 – 15:00

My work enlightens a novel treatment possibility for ADHD children. Normally, kids with such problems are treated with drugs combined with additional exercises  such as Yoga or martial arts. Several research studies came to the conclusion that a video game controlled by a Brain Computer Interface (BCI) could represent a good alternative  to traditional treatments avoiding the side effects of drugs. However, this approach is still at an experimental stage. To confirm the effectiveness of this method I  programmed such a computer game steered by a BCI.

Martin Zenz

Martin Zenz is a former student and currently serving his compulsory duties as an Austrian citizen doing community service. Afterwards he is planning to study sports and music as a teaching profession. His main fields of interests are sports, videogames and music. Combining the latter equals a perfectly suited topic for the prescientific paper, which is a big part of the highschool graduation-examin Austria.

Video Game Music: History and Composition

VWA presentation, FROG main conference | Sunday, 15th October, 17:15 – 17:30

The prescientific paper examines the history important techniques used in video game music. Using basic methods modern music production, the author recreates the sound of each era with a new melody. The paper focuses on how the technologic improvement changed the way music was composed and not the technology itself. Current and future games are being discussed and issues concerning the importance of music in (competetive) games are observed in connection with a survey carried out at the Gamecity Convention in 2016.

Jakob Wonisch

Jakob Wonisch is a high school graduate of SLSZ Wien West, a school for aspiring professional athletes. In his spare time, he has developed an interest in computer programming and game development. Coming fall, he will begin to study computer science at the TU Wien.

SLSZ Wien West

The Advantages of Using a Scripting Language As a Tool for Designers of Point-and-Click Adventure-Games

VWA presentation, FROG main conference | Saturday, 14th October, 09:30 – 09:45

Point-and-click adventure games are often developed using custom scripting languages to design the stages. The designers who build the game’s story and puzzles are often inexperienced in programming. What makes those languages such a great tool is the separation of technical tasks and the creative design process. In this paper, the exact advantages have been discovered through analysis of SCUMM, LucasArts’ in-house game engine. They were implemented in a point-and-click game engine with a custom scripting language designed to showcase those exact features. In addition, a short game was developed as an example.