Jakob Wonisch

Jakob Wonisch is a high school graduate of SLSZ Wien West, a school for aspiring professional athletes. In his spare time, he has developed an interest in computer programming and game development. Coming fall, he will begin to study computer science at the TU Wien.

SLSZ Wien West

The Advantages of Using a Scripting Language As a Tool for Designers of Point-and-Click Adventure-Games

VWA presentation, FROG main conference | Saturday, 14th October, 09:30 – 09:45

Point-and-click adventure games are often developed using custom scripting languages to design the stages. The designers who build the game’s story and puzzles are often inexperienced in programming. What makes those languages such a great tool is the separation of technical tasks and the creative design process. In this paper, the exact advantages have been discovered through analysis of SCUMM, LucasArts’ in-house game engine. They were implemented in a point-and-click game engine with a custom scripting language designed to showcase those exact features. In addition, a short game was developed as an example.


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