Martin Zenz

Martin Zenz is a former student and currently serving his compulsory duties as an Austrian citizen doing community service. Afterwards he is planning to study sports and music as a teaching profession. His main fields of interests are sports, videogames and music. Combining the latter equals a perfectly suited topic for the prescientific paper, which is a big part of the highschool graduation-examin Austria.

Video Game Music: History and Composition

VWA presentation, FROG main conference | Sunday, 15th October, 17:15 – 17:30

The prescientific paper examines the history important techniques used in video game music. Using basic methods modern music production, the author recreates the sound of each era with a new melody. The paper focuses on how the technologic improvement changed the way music was composed and not the technology itself. Current and future games are being discussed and issues concerning the importance of music in (competetive) games are observed in connection with a survey carried out at the Gamecity Convention in 2016.


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