Attila Szantner

Attila SzantnerAttila is the CEO and co-founder of Massively Multiplayer Online Science (aka MMOS): a Swiss company specialized in connecting citizen science and videogames. MMOS founders received the prestigious Lovie Award and the IGDA Serious Games SIG Community Leadership Award for their role in creating EVE Online’s Project Discovery. Attila has a background in computer science and he co-founded and co-designed iWiW, which was the biggest social network in Hungary before Facebook, reaching almost 5 million users.

Mix in reality: Science enters games

Keynote, Friday, 18th October, 13:30 – 14:30

Mixed reality is the magic of overlaying virtual content on our real life environment. Can we use this magic the other way around? Can we add real life content to enrich the virtual worlds of games? We believe it is not just possible, but can bring interesting new experiences to games as well as substantial results to real life endeavours.

In the last 5 years we worked on projects along this line: to mix real life research into already existing games. The first project of Massively Multiplayer Online Science, Project Discovery in EVE Online yielded hundreds of millions of scientific data analysis submitted by players and getting EVE spaceships flying across the cover of Nature Biotechnology. Come to hear about how Project Discovery was set up and about the latest results.


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