Sven Lagger

  • Born 21/10/1998
  • Graduated from Gymnasium Schillerstraße Feldkirch
  • Basic knowledge acquired through elective subject Computer Science at school
  • Passionate Computer Gamer
  • Believes in Game Based Learning (experiences made with JavaFX, Greenfoot and Unity)
  • Interested in further studies in the field of Computer Science (especially in the subfield of Game Development/Design).

Gymnasium Schillerstraße Feldkirch

2D Game Development with the professional Game Engine Unity – An Example of Game Based Learning

VWA presentation, FROG main conference | Sunday, 15th October, 14:45 – 15:00

This VWA in the field of computer science is dedicated to the development of the 2D jump and run game “Fency Jumper”. Additionally, the fact that the game was developed cost-effective and cross-platform represents an essential point. The development of the game was exclusively done using the game engine Unity with C# as the programming language. Apart from closer descriptions regarding the code, there are also theoretical fundamentals included, specially explanations of terms such as “computer game”, “game engine” and “programming language”. In conclusion, an outlook on the possible future development of the game is given.


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