Paula Gludovatz

Paula Gludovatz is a Historian / Youth-worker at Verein Wiener Jugendzentren where she focuses mainly on the aspects of social media , gender and gaming. She graduated from the University of Stirling with a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in History and Religious Studies in 2013. After graduating she continued her studies in childcare and social work. She is currently doing her Masters in Game Studies at the Danube University of Krems.

Girls’ Gaming

FROG 2020 – Short Talk

This presentation highlights the influence of gaming on gender equality in young people aged 10-18. The correlations of social upbringing, gender, and age have shown that they highly influence the gaming behaviours and group settings. Furthermore, there is a stark contrast in the different usage of platforms and choice of games being played. The social aspect of perception to girls* participating in game settings have set the focus quickly to the importance of inclusion, especially in group settings. This led to the questions: How does a social setting change by introducing girls* to a previously predominantly male* dominated setting? Why does gender affect the choice of gaming platform and games being chosen to play? To find an answers to these questions several projects were created to establish an understanding of the issues that were raised. The outcomes of these projects created a possibility of creating a new form of game settings, with a revised social structure as well as a new way of perceiving and introducing gender equality in young children.


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