Yvonne Scheer

Yvonne Scheer is a multiple national champion in computer games and has worked on several events, such as the Gamecity, in recent years. As a licensed esports referee she has also already supervised major esports tournaments (including eBundesliga). Recently she was elected as gender representative of the austrian esports federation (ESVÖ). Her main goal is the promotion and networking of the female gamers in the gaming/esports scene.

Empowering girls and women in Esports and gaming

FROG 2020 – Poster Presentation

Studies have shown, that nearly half of all gamers are female. But a lot of girls and women are facing gender discrimination and/or sexual harassment in the gaming and esports scene. There are still gender clichés and prejudice towards female competitors in esports as well as in the gaming scene in general – as was very publicly shown in the wake of the #metoo movement. One wonders why? Especially in gaming/esports there is no need to make distinctions based on gender, sexual orientation, skin-color, height, weight or religion of a person. Everyone starts at the same level. There is still a long way to go for this to become a reality. Therefore, it’s fundamental to show successful female role models in the gaming/esports scene and to promote and talk about them. Because it’s easier for others to follow someone’s footsteps than to have to forge a path all on their own. Talking about this issue is one important part. The other being educating the media and people of all ages about equal treatment. With this educational work we will have an increase of successful girls and women in esports sooner rather than later.


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