Simon Bernard

Simon BernhardAfter finishing his Bachelor in Computer Science and Engineering, Simon Bernard jumped right into the world of indie game development.  Before that, Simon was leading multiple software development projects for industrial companies. While currently still working on his Master degree in Game Studies and Engineering, the former music engineer started his own indie game company within the first year of the program. His bachelor thesis ‘Digital Interactive Quiz Portal for Museums with Focus on Gamification’ was his first step towards learning game design.

From Student To Indie Dev – A One Year Journey

Young Academic Presentation,  Sunday, 20th October, 15:00 – 15:15

It is no secret that indie game development can be a very hard thing to do, especially when you are at the very beginning and family, work and university are happening at the same time. There are millions of hats to wear and to be successful you even have to wear them fairly good! In this presentation I will talk about how being a student in Game Studies and Engineering Program influenced my indie game career and how it still helps me to do what I love.

Firstly I will give a short introduction on our companies game Project: Override, a 2D pixel art metroidvania game. I will give some key points throughout my studies that were important for me, but can also be important for everyone out there to set a foot into the indie developer scene. In the end I will provide some insight on how the Game Studies and Engineering Program changed the way our team perceives and plays games and how that had a huge impact on the success of our current project.


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