Katharina Bisset

Katharina BissetKatharina Bisset is geek, lawyer, translator and all-round creative. Early on in law school she focused on what interested her most: the legal implications of technology. She’s been working in IT-, IP-, Media-, and Data Privacy Law since 2002, whilst never giving up her side passions, whether that’s podcasting, photography,  publishing fiction and writing the occasional line of code. With Nerds of Law, equally IT-minded lawyers are working on LegalTech in an effort to bring technology and lawyers together. In some moments of free time she writes on her dissertation about the Open Source Software License GPL. As Associate she advises clients in her areas of expertise, from software licensing contracts to privacy policies and, if necessary, representing them in court.

Players Unite Legally

Lecture,  Sunday, 20th October, 11:30 – 12:00

Virtual reality is not an anarchistic space. Laws apply here, too. When technical advancement races ahead and legislation struggles to keep up, lawyers, game-designers and players face new legal challenges. Who owns digital goods? Has the GDPR stopped online games in Europe for fear of fines? What are the copyright implications of Twitch, Walkthroughs and other player-generated content? What are the contractual problems regarding in-game- purchases? When do games become gambling?

This presentation aims to cover these and other current legal issues, combined with a general overview of the legal principles that apply to gaming, to create awareness of where the pitfalls may lie, what lawyers deal with in relation to gaming and why it helps if a lawyer is a gamer himself.


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