Gernot Hausar

Gernot HausarGernot Hausar is a Historian based in Vienna, Austria.

Interests & research include information exchange & transfer, digital humanities, hackers, net-policy, CEE, eLearning, OCR, games & data mining.


Settlement of digital land – living a part of your life in the sandbox MMO EVE Online

Lecture, Friday, 18th October, 16:00 – 16:30

As parts of the digital eco-systems like game worlds get more and more interconnected with the physical world and the daily lives of it’s inhabitants. The discussion on how to integrate these (perceived) digital spaces into society is ongoing.

This talk uses the strange world of EVE Online players in and (as far as they can be) out-of-game to argue, that there might already be historical precedents, like the three international spaces and especially the High Seas, on how to possibly integrate spaces with similar properties into society.

EVE Online, a one-shard-universe (excluding the PRC) with it’s rich history of in- and out-of-game play, ranging from thefts and spycraft, serious Mini-Games, player charities to propaganda and RL-communities, offers great examples of how the game- and physical world interact, interweave and still differ in life – and death.


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