Frank Pourvoyeur

Frank Pourvoyeur is an independent game developer and artist. His research interest is in games that are beneficial for the individual consciousness of players and the positive aspects of cooperative experiences. His research aims to make gaming more enjoyable while also allowing for deeper revelations about one’s personal awareness. He graduated from the Danube University in Krems in 2020 with a degree in game studies.

Intention based random number generator in games

FROG 2021 – Talk

Traditionally, magic is used to change the probability of events occurring. Practicing magicians try to make favorable events happen more likely, while avoiding undesirable events from occurring. Chance also plays an important role in designing events in games. Not only to select the occurrence of an event, but also to choose rewards. Random rewards have been shown to be meaningful and to trigger different emotions in players than when a reward is predictably earned. The likelihood of occurring is sometimes further modified by buffs or nerfs. This work will investigate different possibilities of random number generator implementations to check which adaptations to a strict random number generator provide the best game experience. The concept of a random number generator should not be abandoned, but it is suggested to be adapted to the intentions of players in order to provide better random results in the context of a game experience. Therefore the paper deals with the concept of an intention based random number generator, where the game attentively observes the actions of players to derive intentions that in turn favor the occurrence of desired events. In the following, possibilities are discussed how rituals can be used to work towards the occurrence of a desired random event in order to simultaneously preserve the principle of a stroke of luck but also to prevent unwanted grind in the process.


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