Monika Gorczyca

  • Name: Monika Gorczyca
  • Born: 15.11.1998
  • Languages: German, Polish, English
  • Computer skills: Unity, GIMP, Microsoft Office
  • Experience: Internship at the university of Vienna
  • Hobbies: Playing Games, Digital photography

BORG 20 – Brigittenauer Gymnasium, Karajangasse

Brain-Computer-Interface Games for ADHD children

VWA presentation, FROG main conference | Saturday, 14th October, 14:45 – 15:00

My work enlightens a novel treatment possibility for ADHD children. Normally, kids with such problems are treated with drugs combined with additional exercises  such as Yoga or martial arts. Several research studies came to the conclusion that a video game controlled by a Brain Computer Interface (BCI) could represent a good alternative  to traditional treatments avoiding the side effects of drugs. However, this approach is still at an experimental stage. To confirm the effectiveness of this method I  programmed such a computer game steered by a BCI.


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