Lukas Prader

Lukas Prader is a graduate of the master course “Game Studies” at the Danube University Krems. He wrote his final thesis about Clash of Clans. Lukas Prader works as a 3D artist for the Austrian game company Purple Lamp Studios.

The success of Clash of Clans

FROG 2020 – Poster Presentation

The poster presentation and the book contribution in the planned anthology analyses one of the most successful mobile games, Clash of Clans (Supercell), which is available as an app for Apple’s iOS operating system since 2012 and for the Android operating system since 2013. The mobile market is developing rapidly from year to year and has been the strongest economic success in the gaming industry. As social games increasingly became available on the smartphone and were no longer bound to a social platform, such as Facebook, Clash of Clans quickly evolved into one of the first mobile games to attract the masses worldwide. The mobile game has enormous appeal regardless of gender and age. This paper includes the description of the game and the research in the form of an online survey and two focus groups with 8 players* of the Clash of Clans Clan “Ludoholics”, who thoroughly discussed the results of the survey. Briefly said, the success of the game is based on the factors of easy entry, regular player expansion, social factor, monetization and presence in the media.


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