Juergen Smutek

Juergen Smutek, a Gamer and Game Designer, has thrived at the intersection of gaming and gambling since 1999. His fascination with Game Theory, Balancing, Human Centricity, Beta Testing and the Flow Zone Concept drives his passion for creating engaging gameplay, both online and offline. Beyond conventional gaming, Juergen excels in hosting innovative gamification events, showcasing his ability to captivate audiences. He left his mark in competitive gaming at the Magic the Gathering 1999 World Championship in Tokyo, representing Austria. Now, poised to launch a Kickstarter board game.

As former Head of Games of win2day he has high expertise in any kind of gambling products. Presently, he researches various Megatrends, fashioning them into Future Conceptions. Outside of his professional pursuits, Juergen is a dedicated father to two daughters and finds joy in photography, video editing, cooking, skiing, soccer, and collecting trading cards. His journey is an inspiring blend of gaming, innovation, and fervent embrace of life’s multifarious adventures.

A Gamer trapped in the Gambling Industry > What I learned from working 25 years in the gambling business

FROG 2023 – Talk

This talk delves into the relationship between gaming and gambling, tracing the remarkable journey of an individual who transitioned from a passionate gamer and game designer to a seasoned expert within the gambling industry. The narrative unfolds the personal story, highlighting the captivating allure of the gambling world that held the gamer’s fascination for a remarkable 25 years. This talk underscores the multifaceted nature of gaming and gambling, offering insights into their convergence and divergence and paves the way for a deeper understanding of the dynamics that drive both industries.

The presentation underscores the critical disparities between gaming and gambling, revealing that although the two may seem synonymous on the surface, their underlying motivations differ dramatically. This distinction centers around the prominence of skill and the rigorous regulatory framework surrounding gambling. An unexpected revelation surfaces: gamblers often prioritize entertainment over monetary gain, while gamers are driven by the desire to win.

A comprehensive examination of the integration of gaming elements into various gambling products. The study provides an expert’s viewpoint on the gaming aspects within Lottery, Casino, Poker, Bingo, and Sports Betting. By dissecting these components, the research unveils the complexities of their interplay and the extent to which gaming principles infuse each category.

Finally we will venture into the future, envisioning how gaming and gambling will evolve by embracing contemporary Megatrends. These include the Subscription Economy, Sustainability, the integration of A.I. and the Metaverse, the concept of Valuetainment, and a societal shift from a currency-driven to a time-centric orientation. These trends are poised to reshape the landscape of both industries, fostering innovation and novel experiences.


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