Alexiei Dingli

Alexiei Dingli is a Professor of AI. He has been conducting research and working in the field of AI for the past two decades. His work was rated World Class by international experts and won various prizes including the Semantic Web Challenge, the first prize by the European Space Agency, the e-Excellence Gold Seal award, the Malta Innovation Award and the World Intellectual Property Organization award. He has published several peer reviewed papers and books. He is also involved in various AI projects with local and international organisations. He forms part of the Malta.AI national task-force.

Lil gangsta – kids playing criminals

FROG 2020 – Short Talk

When people play games (especially online ones), many do not realise that their actions can cause harm to other players. The most common kind of harm is psychological through bullying. But some of these players even form part of criminal organisations aimed at causing even more damage and at committing real world crimes. This might include financial scams or even sexual grooming which might also lead to human trafficking. One doesn’t have to be an official criminal to commit a serious crime; many people experienced online thefts and there have also been a few cases of murders too, all of which executed by normal people. Unfortunately, these platforms have become a fertile ground for all sorts of crime. And having the dark web round the corner, one can easily get access to real weapons, thus transferring virtual issues to the real life in no time. In this talk, we will have a look at various game crimes which happened in the past years, the reasons behind them and explore different ways in which they can be prevented.


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