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Saturday, 21 November 2020

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13:55Christine AschbacherFederal Minister for Labor, Family and YouthFROG Opening |
Video message (German with English subtitles)
14:00Natalie Denk, Alexander Pfeiffer, Herbert RosenstinglDanube University Krems / MIT Education Arcade / Federal Ministry of Labour, Family and YouthWelcome FROG | Day 1
Agata Waszkiewicz
Maria Curie-Skłodowska UniversityPlaying with Identities in Metareferential Video Games
14:50Ricarda GötzCity of ViennaEmpathy and Inclusivity in Games. The Proteus effect
15:10Jori LinnamäkiTampere University, Uppsala UniversityAn approach to board game design that centres allyship and empowers trans people
15:30Steve HilbertMinistry of National Education, Childhood and Youth LuxembourgIn search of identity through the game "Gris"
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16:00Scot OsterweilMIT Education ArcadeThe world reborn: reimagining player identity.
16:20Samuel Poirier-PoulinTampere UniversitySexual Humour, Virtual Romance, and Queer Space in Coming Out on Top
16:40Paula GludovatzDanube University KremsGirls' Gaming
17:00Rudolf InderstHochschule Fresenius „Here comes a new challenger” Will Video Game Essays be the New Champion of Game Critic?
17:20Josephine BairdUppsala UniversityThe Mechanics and Misdirection of The Missing: Trans exploration, expression and embodiment in videogame-based-learning
17:40Tanja Sihvonen,Sabine Harrer & Mona KhattabUniversity of VaasaNarrative Transformations and Cultural Appropriation. Placemaking in Assassin’s Creed: Origins Discovery Tour Mode
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Sonja Gabriel
KPH Vienna/KremsHate Speech in Digital Games – Are Online Games a Place of Discrimination and Exclusion?
18:50Bastian KruppDanube University KremsOn the connection between the development of emotional intelligence and gaming
19:10Jeremiah DiephuisUniversity of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, Hagenberg CampusSerious Detours: A Critical Reflection on Developing Games for Education
19:30/// BREAK ///
19:40Thomas Gabriel RüdigerHochschule der Polizei des Landes BrandenburgThe risk of Cybergrooming in Onlinegames
20:00Alexiei DingliUniversity of MaltaLil gangsta - kids playing criminals
20:20Daniela HauSCRIPT LuxembourgDigital games@school... does it really work?
20:40Clayton BartoloGovernment of MaltaThe Maltese Gaming Landscape
20:45Lukas PraderDanube University KremsThe success of Clash of Clans
20:50Frank PourvoyeurDanube University KremsMeaningful coincidences in games with synchronicity
20:55Erwin CetlSt. Pölten University of Applied SciencesDevelopment of the gamification application PENguin used by children to perform graphomotor movements with the STABILO® ErgoPen
21:00Yvonne ScheerESVÖ (Austrian Esports Federation)Empowering girls and women in Esports and Gaming
21:05Natalie DenkDanube University KremsEsports and related phenomena of today's gaming culture - opportunity, challenge and necessity for educational work
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Sunday, 22 November 2020

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14:00Welcome FROG | Day 2
Eugen Pfister
Hochschule der Künste Bern HKBThe Austrian games industry and the free market economy 1991-2006. A political history of ideas.
14:50Pascal WagnerGoethe-InstitutBecoming their target: Anti-fascist gaming network "Keinen Pixel den Faschisten" and its right-wing backlash
15:10Alesha SeradaUniversity of VaasaWin the Game by Not Paying: False Consciousness in Free-to-Play Games
15:30Harald KobergUni Graz, Ludovico, Land SteiermarkOwning the Stats – Gaming and Neoliberal Subjectivity
15:50/// BREAK ///
16:00Tobias UnterhuberUniversity of InnsbruckThe loss and restriction of ludic and political agency in games
16:20Hossein MohammadzadeUniversity of GuilanResource Wars: From Gameworlds to Physical Reality
16:40Wilfried Elmenreich and Martin GabrielAlpen-Adria-Universität KlagenfurtGlobal History, Facts and Fiction in Early Computer Games: Hanse, Seven Cities of Gold, Sid Meier's Pirates!
17:00Benjamin KirchengastDanube University Krems, University of Vienna„That’s not how it was!“: Through the Darkest of Times in the context of a culture war.
17:20Josey MeyerTexas A&M University Reamifton North - a game about the United States Postal Service
17:40/// BREAK ///
Doris Rusch & Andrew Phelps
Uppsala University / University of CanterburyGames of the Soul
18:30Michael FleischhackerBildungsdirektion Wien, Danube University KremsMinecraft in the Covid 19 crisis connects
18:50Mario StallerUniversity of Applied Sciences for Police and Administration, North Rhine WestphaliaIs there more? - On the (non-)definition of gamified teaching
19:10Swen KörnerGerman Sport University Colognetrain2fight the virus - possibilities of university online teaching in sports
19:30/// BREAK ///
19:40Mathias LuxAlpen-Adria-Universität KlagenfurtAnalyzing Usage Patterns in Online Games
20:00Michael WagnerDrexel UniversityThe Inverted Gaming Degree Program – The Future of On-Campus Game Design Education in the Era of Social Distancing
20:20Michael FleischhackerBildungsdirektion WienBuilding a cross-school media lab based on playful learning principles for children and young people in the midst of the Covid-19 situation. A field report.
20:25Simon WimmerDanube University Krems(Online-) SNEAK GAMING a low-threshold opportunity for players and devs in times of COVID19
20:30Constantin KrausDundeesRide2Park
20:35Thomas WernbacherDanube University KremsCycle4Value
20:40Alexander PfeifferThe MIT Education Arcade, Danube University KremsLife as a magic circle. A reflection with special consideration of our situation during the Covid-19 crisis.
20:55Closing of the Conference

Socializing & Exchange: FROG ONLINE LOUNGES remain open.