Call for Abstracts

Dear colleagues, due to the current Covid-19 situation and the cancellation of “GAME CITY Vienna”, the conference “Future and Reality of Gaming” (known as FROG) will take place online on November 21 & 22, 2020. At this year’s conference there is the possibility to apply as a speaker, or as a speaker and in addition submit a contribution for the anthology “A ludic society” (Working title).

Contributions can be submitted in the following formats:

  • Option 1: short talk (12 minutes presentation + 5 minutes Q & A)
  • Option 2: poster presentation (3 minutes presentation, accompanying a poster on screen). The conference chairs propose this option as a format for speakers who have submitted for option 1 and have not reached the required threshold score in the evaluation but nevertheless have a good rating.

For a proposal as a speaker, an abstract of 200 to maximum 350 words is mandatory. If the submission includes a proposal for the publication in the book, an additional abstract of 500 to maximum 1000 words is required. Two options can be selected for the book contribution: scientific publication or project/game presentation. Besides the core underpinnings presented in the scientific papers, we also want to showcase exciting and innovative projects and games.

FROG 2020 is open to all topics from the field of game studies and related disciplines such as media and game pedagogy. However, the following special tracks are planned. These will be the focus of the conference and the publication and therefore topic-related contributions will be prioritized.

  • Game, Play and Identity (Importance and challenges of games and play for the LGBT community / Gender and diversity related question on games and play / identification and identity transfer | etc.)
  • Game and Play in Times of a Crisis (What impact do crises have on players? What does this mean for the Triple-A Industry? How do Indy developers deal with crises? | etc.)
  • Game! Crime? (Fraud with microtransactions / illegal sale of in-game items / cyber-grooming via games / sexting within game chats / youth protection |etc.)
  • Game, Play and Politics (Representation of history in games / conveying political messages through games / influence by politics on the games industry |etc.)

Conference language: English

This year, there are no registration fees for submitters as well as no participation fees for attendees.

Call for Abstracts | Download
Submission deadline: November 8, 2020 (submission closed)