Vienna Town Hall during Game City
top: Nathalie Pozzi und Eric Zimmerman at their keynote speech in 2011 - bottom: Doris Rusch from DePaul university at her speech

The programme of FROG 2013


September 27th - 29th, Vienna City Hall, Wappensaal

--> The complete and detailed program of the Games Conference is available for download here.

In September 2013, again the Vienna Games Conference will address issues related to the "Future and Reality of Gaming" (FROG) sharing cutting edge research and insights on the future of the games industry, game design, game theory, game culture and education. The conference aims to facilitate the exchange of ideas and current research findings regarding innovative theories, concepts and practice models in an engaging and convivial atmosphere. The main focus will be on the context of gaming in theory and practice.

There will be two trails, a " Track A", that is open to both registered participants and interested visitors of the Game City event (upon availability of seats), and a "Track B", limited to conference participants..

Nota Bene! Registration and payment of the conference fee is mandatory for admission to Track B, to the socializing zone, the conference catering and the FROG conference dinner.

Conference language is English.

--> The Book of Abstracts is available for download here


Friday, 27.9.2013

    • 11:30 Check-In
    • 12:00 Opening Ceremony
    • 12:30 Keynote: T.L. Taylor
    • 13:40 Presentations held in two parallel Tracks
    • 16:30 FROGA KUCHA: Mini-Presentations held in two parallel Tracks
    • 17:30 Keynote: Holly Gramazio
    • 19:00 Conference Dinner


Saturday, 28.9.2013

    • 8:30 Come on Board
    • 9:00 Keynote: Jesper Juul
    • 10:10 Presentations held in two parallel Tracks
    • 12:45 Lunch Break
    • 13:45 Presentations held in two parallel Tracks
    • 15:00 Poster and Games Session
    • 16:00 Presentations held in two parallel Tracks
    • 17:30 Keynote: Sebastian Deterding


Sunday, 29.9.2013

    • 9:30 Come on Board
    • 10:00 Impulse: Katharina Tillmann
    • 10:30 Two Workshops held parallel (Topics:tba)
    • 12:00 Game Over