Vienna Town Hall during Game City

9th Vienna Games Conference - FROG Public 2015


Vienna City Hall, Austria, Friday 2 to Sunday 4, October 2015


The 9th time the Games Conference FROG 2015 takes place in the Vienna City Hall. Under the tagline „inter/play" we want to discuss what happens in the space between different game worlds, the formal rule-based games and the small play-actions that are staged informally in our everyday life. How do game mechanics interlock digitally with the socio-cultural challenges of our time? How is the virtual and the real intertwined and breaks new ground? How are these possibilities for communication perceived to interact with institutions of politics and mass media?


As seen before international keynote-speakers and Austrian experts in this field will talk in the context of FROG about recent topics of gaming and foster a broad public discussion about them. The event will be inaugurated with a workshop about „Critical Play" in cooperation with the Academy of Fine Arts of Vienna and completed with the FROG Student Day, organized by the Danube University of Krems. It is powered by the Austrian Ministry of Families and Youth, the City of Vienna and the Danube University of Krems and conducted by Playful Solutions. The FROG 2015 is free accessible to everyone, registration on the website is recommended.