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23. - 25. September 2016

Beyond Gameplay - Game cultures and game practices

Wiener Rathaus, Österreich, Freitag, 23. September bis Sonntag, 25. September 2016

ENTRANCE to the FROG-Conference (Nordbuffet within the City Hall) through the main entrance of the Game City, at the Felderstraße. 

At the conference's registration desk you'll receive a wristband, so you will be able to skip the line and be able to reach the conference halls more quickly through he press entrance next to it. Make sure that you arrive at the city hall a bit earlier, until you have that wristband. 

ATTENTION! On Saturday the FROG starts earlier than the Game City! You need to be registrated to enter or you have already received your wristband the day before.


Videogames have become one of the most influential cultural forms for younger generations and games are currently a natural part of many people’s lives. Game culture is expanding into numerous domains and the identity of a gamer today encompasses numerous practices that are not necessarily about gameplay. Games are remediated into movies, symphony orchestras perform concerts with music from famous videogames and industries such as clothing companies, toy manufacturers and book publishers use video game themes. There are also numerous practices surrounding games that are not focused on being a player. For example e-sports, gaming themed bars and ‘let’s play’ videos have noninteractive audiences. Different practises also use games or are inspired by games for creative expressions such as machinima, cos-play, game art and fan fiction. Furthermore, videogames themselves support numerous different activities that are not necessarily a form of gameplay. For instance many videogames have features that supports different forms of design and creative expressions. Finally the field of Game Based Learning tends to utilize a broad spectrum of activities from game culture that goes beyond game play, such as having pupils design their own games or use open world games such as Minecraft as tools for visualization.

The 10th Vienna Games Conference - FROG Public 2016 - focuses on issues in game cultures that move beyond gameplay. The conference invited game scholars to submit papers about the numerous things that people do with games that are not mainly focused on actually playing the game. On the Junior Experts Day, held on Sunday, September 25th, organised by Natalie Denk, Wolfgang Gruber and Alexander Pfeiffer, students and alumnis are invited to present their work in the field of Game Studies. 

The conference is organised by the Austrian federal ministry of family and youth in cooperation with the the university of applied science of Krems and the university of applied science St. Pölten. The academic operations are led by Jonas Linderoth, Professor in education at the University of Gothenburg.  

The conference is held in english. Access is for free, but
registration on the website highly recommended. For further inquiries please write to Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!