Christina Obmann

Christina ObmannChristina Obmann has completed her bachelor’s degrees in English and American Studies (thesis on the portrayal of chattel slavery in video games, specifically in Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag: Freedom Cry) as well as Media and Communication Studies (thesis on the ‘zombie’ and the The Walking Dead-franchise as serialized transmedia experiences) at the Alpen-Adria Universität Klagenfurt.

Currently, she is working on completing her master’s degrees in English as well as Game Studies and Engineering in Klagenfurt, while also being engaged as a student assistant at the Department of English and the Department of Science, Technology and Society Studies. As a tutor, she is co-hosting the Klagenfurt Critical Game Labs, where she helps fellow students practice critical game analysis.

With an academic background of Cultural, Media and Gender Studies, her research interests in Game Studies include issues of gender and race, ethics, as well as affective game design. When she is not playing, learning, writing, teaching, or talking about games, she is also an avid creator of cosplays, comics, and illustrations.

Gender Portrayals in Video Games: a Reflection of Production Contexts?

While it is still not uncommon to view the content of video games as isolated entity (cue ‘It’s just a game’), video games are products of specific circumstances and they also affect players in various ways. If we consider video games to be cultural objects, it becomes clear that in order to understand them in their entirety we need to consider the socio-cultural and industrial context surrounding and giving birth to them.

The production context of video games has been – and still is – overwhelmingly male-dominated, with a lack of diversity that is then reflected in the games’ nature and content. Especially the representation of gender has long been a problematic issue: From a sheer lack of representation and marginalization, up to stereotypical or even demeaning portrayals of women in games, distinct patterns of gender portrayals have been observed continually.

In this talk, I want to recapitulate patterns of female representation (and the implications thereof) and suggest a way of content analysis to fully capture the specifics of the medium. I will highlight the connection between production circumstances in real life and the (virtual) content of video games. With an exemplary analysis of female player characters in games by the French studio Quantic Dream I want to support my argument that the background of developers influences the portrayal of gender in – for female characters – often stereotypical if not harming ways.

Katharina Kaiser-Müller

Katharina Kaiser-MüllerWho am I?

Editorial staff in the, freelance media educator, “Safer Internet” ambassador, trainer in the areas of basic education and communication with and without digital media, mother, friend, wife and Obfrau in a choir.

What’s my job?

I like organizing and communicating and I try to balnce my various activities. When I am not working as a project collaborator for a non-profit company, I hold workshops and lectures as a freelance media educator and as a “Safer Internet” ambassador. In addition, I am committed to the initiative “Medienbildung Jetzt!” and the online journal

Why am I involved with the FROG?

Playing, learning and having fun are inseparably interwoven for me. As a media pedagogue and employee in the media impulses, I am especially pleased to be able to organize a panel this year.

Alltime favourite videogame?

My first favorite video game was “Prince of Persia”, apart from Pac-Man. At the moment, I do not get much to play with, so I am all the more pleased to be informed about the latest findings in game research.

Katharina Kaiser-MüllerWer bin ich?

Redaktionsmitarbeiterin bei den Medienimpulsen, freie Medienpädagogin, “Safer Internet” Botschafterin, Trainerin in den Bereichen Basisbildung sowie Kommunikation mit und ohne digitale Medien, Mutter, Freundin, Ehefrau und Obfrau in einem Chor.

Was mache ich?

Da ich gerne organisiere und kommuniziere, versuche ich meine unterschiedlichsten Tätigkeiten unter einen Hut zu bringen. Wenn ich nicht gerade als Projektmitarbeiterin für ein Non-Profit-Unternehmen arbeite, halte ich Workshops und Vorträge als freie Medienpädagogin und “Safer Internet” Botschafterin. Zudem engagiere mich für die Initiative „Medienbildung Jetzt!“ und das Onlinejournal

Warum engagiere ich mich für die FROG?

Spielen, Lernen und Freude sind für mich untrennbar miteinander verwoben. Als Medienpädagogin und Mitarbeiterin bei den Medienimpulsen, freut es mich ganz besonders, heuer ein Panel organisieren zu dürfen.

Alltime favourite videogame?

Mein erstes Lieblingsvideospiel war „Prince of Persia“, wenn man von Pac-Man absieht. Zurzeit komme ich nicht sehr viel zum Spielen, umso mehr freut es mich, über die neuesten Erkenntnisse in der Spieleforschung informiert zu werden.